Monday, April 6, 2009

Good, Good News!

I finally got the tags for the car! :0 whaaaooooo! :) :) This car has been down since August of 2007, for those of you who are unfamiliar with my situation. I have been very blessed to recover from a long time of hardship during that phase of my life.

As you recall, I refused to give up and refused to be ripped off by theiving mechanics. This mechanic is such a sweetheart! When every other mechanic was telling me it was the "compression"...which they could not explain how it works or what causes it to break down, and that I needed a new engine, this mechanic took one exploration throughout the engine and was discusted with the lies that had been told to me.

I am fully up and running. My son, 3rd child, has his appointment to get his license this month. His being able to drive will help the household soooo much! He is really a good boy too! I totally trust him.

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Polly said...

woo hoo what great news