Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time for New Dosage

Well, my morning regime of lemon tea, supplements and decongestant has worn off. I am feeling quite fatigue and sleepy. I can feel the congestion building up again. The day did not go quite as I anticipated. My grandson has been fussy today. I don't think he feels too good. He's been coughing a bit. It's also possible he is teething. The daycare kids behaved very well, so that was a help. They have been coughing too.

I kind of think we are all coughing because I recently signed up a new 2 1/2 year old boy whose mom doesn't want to provide him with his second set of immunizations. His nose runs constantly. She claims he was a lot worse and that he is at the tail end of his illness. I didn't think too much of it because I do have an allergy child whose nose will do that and none of the other kids have gotten sick.

This mom says she is afraid to provide him with the immunizations because there is research that supports that some children turn autistic as a result of immunizations. I called licensing and they said this is true and there are tons of parents that do this. There is actually a affidavit for the parents to sign and to allow the kids to be enrolled.
So, I spoke with the mom and let her know that I spoke with licensing. I informed her that, for the sake of the other kids in the daycare, she needs to take her son to the doctor just to have him checked and to make sure he is not contagious.
Unfortuately, I think, if he is contagious, the damage is done. Fortunately, he only come three days per week.


Polly said...

This whole debate on Immunisation is just unreal - I have read the research and there is alot to say that it will not cause Autism too. I would think very seriously about having an unimmunised child in your care Pres - especially when you have your little Grandson to consider. Just my opinion.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

The triple antigen is the one they talk about having possible negative side effects. I had my son immunised separately. Measles and mumps together and then, two weeks later, rubella. There was no way I would have him not immunised.

Here in Australia you cannot get your child into school or anything else without full immunisation. Immunisation is crucial to keeping children and adults well and healthy.

Elise said...

Immunisation is risk debate which ever way you look at it.

I agree with Linda, getting them done seperately is what I believe it the best action to take. Not taking them at all puts the child at risk.

It's difficult for a parent to decide to go ahead with it when they're bombarded with so many life changing sad stories.


presious said...

Yes, Polly, I agree.

I spoke with the mom and told her she will have to take him to the doctor to clear him first. I was surprised at the outcome when I spoke to licensing.

I spoke with the mom a little more indepth this morning. Due to her having some other problems beyond her control, we agreed to termination on monday.

Apparently, there are a lot of major issues going on in this family. Sometimes, you don't know that until a few weeks after enrollment.

I appreciate your opinion. I like to hear what others think. One person can not think of all aspects. I've never experienced this in all my years of doing daycare...19 years!!!


I absolutely agree. I can tell you this much, I won't take another child without immunizations. I've never heard of such in all my years as a provider.


That is true, it is difficult for parents when dealing with their babies. Our children are our most precious little beings. All we want is to protect them.

It is sad that the medical industry is also doing so much experimentation. There are so many new diseases and sicknesses coming out that they really don't know what to do with. Then they want to give meds that have side effects. THose side effects require more meds, and so on.