Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video Games

As you can see in my last entry, I posted a pic of a video game system (however old it looks). As I searched for a decent picture o f a video games, I was totally shocked at the violence these games portray for our children! :0.

As I mentioned, I am an extremely anti-violent parent. "I" choose the games for my children. They get a lot of sports and racing games. Yes, they get bored but that's a good thing because it will discourage them from playing for long periods of time. I limit the number of days per week and the number of hours per session.

When you think about it, kids are playing these games for hours and hours! What is the effect on their subconscious in terms of violence? Some of these games literally mimic blood, shooting with ALL kinds of guns and cutting with blades, swords and knives. Some use aliens or space equipment, yet some use human beings. Doesn't matter, it is still violence!! Some of the figures are down right satanic!!

One might say, "It's just a game." I believe anything used in excess can have a significant effect on one's behavior. It's like desensitizing the brain. If you see it or do it enough, it means nothing to the person. Some of these kids are very, very young. The actions in these games comes out in their play i.e. shooting, stabbing, explosions, etc.

It seems we have gone from the violence of cowboys and indians and army soldiers to high tech slauder!!! Younger children can be totally effected by this madness i.e. nightmares, behavior, monsters, etc. Older kids have enough to deal with trying to figure themselves out during teenhood. Teenagers tend to go through a whole lot of emotional transitions. Video games seem to influence anger in teenagers.

It's like when you go to a movie that takes place in New York. If the movie makes you feel good, warm and fuzzy, you almost want to go to New York and be in the place, at a minimum you would want to watch the movie again.

How do kids feel when they walk away from these video games? Does their state of mind, prior to playing the game, effect how they feel as well? Maybe I'm just being a mom, but I don't think so....Hmmmm....interesting


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I think some children are more adversely affected by some of those games than others. My son plays a couple of war games (aliens versus soldiers). If I had the slightest hint of his behaviour changing afterwards I would restrict it more so.

Because my view may differ from other parents, I always check if the parents of children visiting my house are okay with their children playing the games. Same with dvd's etc. It would be wrong of me to assume that what is fine for me is fine for every other parent.

The one rule we have in the house is that once we tell my son to stop playing, he stops. No arguments. Otherwise he knows the games will be taken away.

I wonder if, living in a country that allows the average person to own a gun makes you more aware of the consequences of guns and violence etc.. I would FREAK if I saw a gun in anyone's house. I had a friend who joined a shooting club and kept a gun locked in her house. I refused to visit her. It actually shocked me. I just could not get my head around that she thought it was normal.

presious said...


that is good to hear that there is a balance. I think where my fear comes from is that of watching so many day care kids, at such a young age, having such violent tendencies...above and beyond cops and robbers. I've also worked in counseling agencies as a therapist with children from troubled backgrounds. I've worked at juvenile hall in the security unit with murderers and gangbangers as well. We'd have staff meetings to discuss the cases individually and their backgrounds were EXTREMELY violent.

I think maybe I have been too close and personal with this population of children. Even today, in my day care, I had a 4 year old whose father let him play a game that had to do with the devil and darkness. I forget the name of it.

This boy came in from a weekend with his dad, with such violent behavior. He couldn't even play with the lego without saying "I'll kill you!" I had to speak with dad because I couldn't have that influence on the other children in the day care.

I think my experience has been very close and personal with that population of children.

Wow...kinda sad huh? Thank you for sharing.