Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Caffine Crankiness

I am getting rid of all my coffee...:( Yes, just a sad occasion. For the past week or so, I have started drinking coffee again, decaf coffee. Lately, I have been waking up feeling really down, from the moment I open my eyes. I have experimented with coffee before where it seems to alter my mood, which is why I drink decaf. I make it very weak and it still seems to have this effect on my mood. So, I've decided to give my coffee supply away to my neighbor. I have LOTS of coffee supply.

There's just something about coffee that's cozy, relaxing, tasteful, delightful to smell, all that. It's like carrying a cup of comfort...lol! No, I'm not really that big on drinking coffee. I'm not one of those people who just HAS to have that cup in the morning. I like it for the taste, the feeling... I just like it.

This means I will return to drinking tea. Tea is good, but it's not quite the same as coffee. I'm good with tea. I will make it fun by getting different flavors :).


lori vliegen said...

saw your comment...that is too funny that we both blogged about coffee today! and what's even funnier is that neither one of us are drinking it! hee hee

i know what you mean about it altering your mood...i've never been a coffee drinker, but drank lots of diet sodas as my caffeine source. then i started having anxiety and panic attacks...i gave up the caffeine and no more anxiety! for whatever reason, my body just doesn't like caffeine. my husband, on the other hand, drinks espresso like it's going out of style...we're a match made in heaven! :)

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Very brave move. I love coffee and at work I have two very strong cups. Double shot skinny latte's. Sounds very chic doesn't it? Trouble is, I have it Monday to Friday and then on the weekend have a coffee headache because I have no coffee! I won't give up the coffee. It is the only indulgence I have so I am keeping it, headache or not.

At home I only drink green tea. I love it.

presious said...


I get jealous of people like your husband!...lol! I love coffee. Years ago, I use to drink so much of it throughout the day that I would end up skipping meals. With the day care, I would become so busy that drinking coffee would be so convenient and taste so good. When I decided to stop, I went through withdrawal as well; anxiety, irritability, headaches, etc. Not fun.


You are the brave one! To KNOW you will have headaches on the weekends and still not drink coffee? Wow!...and to have it so strong too?! You, my dear, are very brave...LOL!

However, I agree with you about having only one indulgence. Without my coffee, I have none.

No doubt I will try it again sooner or later ;)