Monday, May 4, 2009

Trying Again

Today we are going to try the drivers license test for my son again. Last time, I forgot about the crack in the windshield and the broken horn. My mechanic, Gabe, fixed them right away. So, we go today to take the test again. We have to go to the next town over because our city is booked for the next month. I've been letting him drive on his permit to go very short distances (keep that under your hat!!), but I will feel soooo much better if he were legal. It has been such a help to have him driving now, especially now that he has his part time job :).

Next weekend, saturday, is the prom :). This will be my 3rd child with one more to go in three and a half years. We went down to San Diego to the bridal shop I have always gone to for them. We picked up his tux with no problem. This saturday coming, he has his appointment to get his hair cut/trimmed, then we will pick up the flowers. A friend of mine's son has paid for a limo for him and his friends. We will all meet at the school to take pictures. I prefer to meet here at the house, but most of the kids live near the school which will be more convenient for them.
The next journey will be grad night.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

My son will be having a grade six graduation. When I was young there were no graduations or proms. Now they are the big thing.

Seems your boy is becoming a man. It must feel strange seeing that happen.

presious said...


You are exactly right, it really, really does seem like they become "men" during this time. When you see them all dressed up, looking tall and handsome, you really do get misty-eyed. Shortly after that, if not before, they began driving, dating, getting a job, etc. They really do grow up right before your eyes.

We never stop being moms. Keep a box of tissue handy!...:)