Friday, June 19, 2009

SIck & Tired!

I am so sick and tired of people thinking that just because I work from home looking after children that they can just come over and hang out! I run a business. If I came to your job, outside of your home, I would have to abide by those rules of your job. I couldn't come in there, bring friends, bring a radio and hamburgers and "hangout". To me that is a form of disrespect whether you work in the home or out of the home.

My daughter just got upset with me just now because I have an appointment to look at making changes to my mortgage. She is legal able to look after the day care. She has been fingerprinted and everything. The appointment is at 3:00pm today. She asked me if her friend can come over while I am gone!

First of all, as I explained, I run a business. Though licensing doesn't come by very often, they are supposed to do random visits. Secondly, I haven't met this guy. I am responsible for these children under my care. I don't know him! She works with him and has talked about him. He "seems" "ok", but I've never spoken to him or met him. For me, it is more of the principle that I run a business. Her boss would not let him come in, on his off hours, and just "kick it." I told her he can come over after hours.

Besides that, in running a business, I have a schedule to maintain. The kids eat lunch and take nap at a certain time. That is when I get my break, while they are sleeping. Otherwise, I get exhausted and cranky which is extremely not ok with a house full of children. I know what works for me, I know what to do in order to ensure that I am functioning at maximum ability. I don't have a staff to relieve me or pull some of the weight. When "visitors" are here, it is terribly distracting for the kids and, therefore, for me.

Yes, I have one of the grandparents of one of my school aged kids come over sometimes. However, she does have a child in my care. When she does come over, she is not an intrusion. She helps with the kids, changes diapers, helps with them outside, helps with lunch time, etc. I actually look forward to her being here. There is no comparison to my friend vs. my dauther's friend.

I dont feel I should have to explain myself in this regard!!....especially to my daughter!! I make my boys abide by the same rules. When my friend's son asks to come over, simply because he is bored at home, I tell him the same thing.

Sorry for being so angry, but it bothers me a lot! I don't have any support in my household and I am not asking for any. However,do not take advantage of me or have disrespectful expectations of me.

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Polly said...

Pres I think you have been perfectly reasonable. Good on ou for standing firm. I as a parent have total respect for you maintainng your high standards and if Ollie was in your care, Id be so happy to have such a professional person taking care of him