Friday, June 19, 2009

On A Happier Note...

Sorry for my little explosion back there. I just get so frustrated with trying to do the right thing while I feel like I do everything, then I get taken for granted.

I have exhaled and I have good least for now. As you all know, I am at that point again where the bank is giving me grief with my mortgage and the daycare is in need of a few kids.

Today, I have an appointment at 3:00 pm with an agent to help with my mortgage. He has found what appears to be a reputable agency with a good reputation and proof of a good success record. I am not a real trusting person. I don't trust easily. So, he said he will go with me so make sure I understand all the lingo. I'm pretty excited to see what comes of this visit. I am not in any hurry to rush into a plan, but I do want to explore my options.

As for the day care, I went to and made the website for the daycare. Already I have two potential families! One is moving here from another city up the coast. We talked over the phone. She wants to talk to her husband to see about coming for a visit. The other family is coming all the way from Britain! We have been communicating through email. I've sent them my resume and they have my license number if they want to check my background. We plan to meet soon. They want to start day care on July 27th for their 3 year old little girl! I am so excited!
Though I am very excited, it must be scary looking for child care via the internet! You really don't know what you getting until you are face to face and seeing the facility for yourself. I invite them to come visit before making an absolute choice.
Some more good news! My boy and his friend just got home from picking up a "free" wooden backyard play set! It will need a coat of paint, but it was free!!


lori vliegen said...

i'm so glad that you've found an option for your mortgage....and how nice that you have someone to go to the appointment with you! and listen, i completely agree with you about running a business! a lot of people think that because i stay home and make books for my etsy shop, that i'm not really "working"....yeah, right! stick to your guns, you're doing the right thing for yourself and your sweet kids...good luck with your new potential clients! :)

Polly said...

Pres that playset is awesome - what a great score.

Fantastic work on the two potential families.