Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Past Few Days

I haven't had much energy or time to blog lately. My brain is so full of trying to find ways to make my finances work. I don't want to continue complaining. Sometimes, I don't want to hear myself talk

I did speak with a few people this week. One was the nutritionist for the day care. She said is it not uncommon for parents to not need childcare during the summer. Parents literally take their kids out of day care and use the older siblings to babysit. This way they save money. I haven't had any children taken out of the day care. I am just not receiving new ones. She said the economy is such that many providers are actually closing their day cares because of this. No kids, no money. She said, things usually pick up once school starts again. The kids go back to school around August 12th. I would think I should begin to get calls, at least, a week before school begins. We will see.

The other person I spoke with was in regards to modifying my mortgage. I did get all the paperwork done. He said I can put down half the money to get started, which I have. I was thinking of doing a Short Sale to give up the house, but he suggested I wait, at least, until the modification was complete.

I've been exhausted lately. I'm still trying to muddle through. I had late nighters last night and I will have them tonight as well. I plan to call the agent for the modification today. I want to schedule a time to meet and review the steps. I need to do this as soon as possible.


lori vliegen said...

wishing you a good day today, and hoping that your modification is the answer that you've been looking for! :)

presious said...

Thanks Lori. Much appreciated :)
A modification can take 3 to 6 months. By then, the day care will, hopefully, generate more income to make the modification transition a bit smoother.

Polly said...

I hope you get some calls for your daycare soon Pres.

presious said...


I have kinda come to the place where all I can do is my best. If I have any other ideas, I will explore those as well. I must remain hopefull and prayerful. Overall, I feel good :).

Thank you for your positive thoughts :).

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Money problems are the tough ones to deal with. And can bring you down. I hope things pick up for you.

presious said...


I agree. This time around, I feel stronger. I think it is because I am familiar with the process. I also have accepted that I can only do my very best. The rest I have to let go of.

Overall, I feel like a stronger person. Still working on that though :).