Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hanging in there!

Yesterday was a busy, busy day! Looks like today will be the same. Only way to fix it is to "fix" it...lol.

It started out with the rental unit in San Diego. This last tenant, who has been in the process of moving out for the past week, was so filthy. This house has been in my family for four generations. It has been rented out on many occasions. My children and I lived in it for 17 years. The house has never had roaches!

The roaches were so bad in this house until they were crawling in the tenant's bed and in the refrigerator!...yes, alive in the refrigerator! Once she emptied her belongings from the house, it was then that I saw the true magnitude of the problem. Two weeks ago, upon assessing the house for the prep for a new tenant (yes, I evicted this tenant), every kitchen cabinet has massive amounts of roaches..each cabinet. I had my contractor put 12 foggers throughout the house. I took pictures just in case I should have to go to court.

My regular contractor is out of town until the 14th. So, I am using another contractor. The more he inspects the house, the more things he finds broken i.e. both toilet seat screws are missing, the garbage disposal is broken, someone kicked in the bedroom door leaving the door mildly cracked around the door knob, we won't talk about the backyard!

Well, I finally gave in to an exterminator. He said the foggers won't even touch the eggs and they won't kill the roaches unless they have direction contact with the poison.

If all goes well, this should all be over by 5pm tomorrow!


lori vliegen said...

wow....i don't know how you manage to keep up with everything! that's a full-time job just trying to maintain a rental unit! bless your heart....i don't envy you with your fight to get rid of the roaches....good luck with that! hang in there! :)

presious said...

LOL! Lori,

It's absolutely unbelieveable! How could human beings live in such filth?!

It will get done...no other choice. Thanks for your support!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

You are so busy with what you have to do.

Cockroaches - not nice at all. I know there is the odd one in our kitchen. There was a plague all through Melbourne a while ago and everyone got them. I made roach baits with borax and some other stuff. Have not seen them since BUT that does not mean they are not around. Just means there are not so many that I can see them.

Who knows what happens at night when I am in bed asleep. Yuck.