Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Date St.

Things are finally starting to go forward with my rental unit on Date St. :). The exterminator came and I had a professional carpet cleaning done.

The contractor managed to get the toy that was jammed in the garbage disposal out and the sink in the bathroom flowing again! Electricity goes on today and we can try out the garbage disposal to determine if it needs to be replaced. He also replaced the cracked window in the front bedroom and painted & cleaned the cabinet under the kitchen sink where there was mold...Grrrr!

The inspector stopped by and acknowledged the work, which is a really good thing. He will be back today to complete the inspection. By tonight, the tenant can begin moving her things in!....YAY! The completion of this project will be a HUGE load of my shoulders. I did sleep better last night. My grandson seems to sleeping through the night these days :).

Both Monday and Tuesday, I worked 15- hour days. Yesterday was an 11 hour day. Today and tomorrow are 15-hour days. Today & tomorrow's 15-hour schedule won't be too bad. It's only one child and he is really, really well behaved. He has dinner, plays for a while, then I have him lay down to watch a movie till his mom comes. I have him upstairs in the loft where I can keep an eye on him while I do my own evening routine.
A place like this would be such a beautiful thing! It's been a long time since we've been camping....hmmmm, sounds like an idea that 'needs' to be developed into a reality!


Polly said...

absolutely, get your camping boots on and get out there before it gets too cold.

presious said...


I am truly working on! I am so overdue!