Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Hair

I finally got my hair done! I am truly very happy with it. I was so excited about getting it done that I couldn't sleep last night. Due to finances and having moved to a new area, I really was not able to do it. I had a fair amount of anxiety this morning as I was getting ready to go.

I found the idea of anxiety behind getting my hair done a bit uncomfortable. It seems I have let myself go, in terms of my appearance, until I have become an introvert. I think the idea of going out into public, for something besides picking up a kid from school,

After neglecting myself for so long and beginning to feel very run down, I decided to do it for ME. To my surprise, my hair is still pretty healthy. She said I did have a little breakage in some spots, but overall it was good. I wanted to do something a little different so she offered to put a little color in it. I like it a lot. It will definitely take some getting use to. I don't wear my hair down. I am a ponytail girl.


Polly said...

Good on you Pres - you deserve a little bit of pampering. I hope you enjoyed every moment of it.

presious said...


I'm so still getting use to my hair. It can get so hot here in Lake Elsinore. My hair falls just below my shoulders and I don't like the way it feels on my neck when it gets hot.

Overall, yes, I do love it. When I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I feel that I look so much better, more professional. Feel much better about myself.

I really don't want to be vain. I want to be 'me'. I don't want nail polish, fantsy clothes and hair styles to determine who I am. I think that's probably why I don't invest in these things.

At the same time, if one doesn't do so, ones self worth can graduall take a fall.

Still learning. Thanks a bunch Polly :).

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Hair is the frame around the picture. You can get away with being a bit scruffy if your hair is looking good.