Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend with New Kids

I had my first saturday with the new kids this weekend. It gave me a chance to really see what L., the 4 year old was made of. Although he has been through some trauma in his life, I think he does what he does because he can get away with it. I don't mean to imply that he was not affected by the trauma. I absolutely believe he is. Let me explain a little bit.

During his stay at our house on saturday, he was a very good boy. I mean, kids will be kids and they will have their moments. He did nothing extreme such as hitting, punching, kicking or pushing. For the first half of his time here, I was at the salon getting my hair done. My daughter was here with him and she said he did fine. It was his first time with my daughter too. When he first stayed with me, last week, he tried me left and right, with small behaviors but nothing extreme.

Now, in preschool, his behavior is very extreme. This does not reflect on the teacher whatsoever. I believe she is a wonderful teacher. In fact, I feel sorry for the teacher. In preschools, the teacher is not allowed to place a child in timeout. If a child misbehaves, a teacher can only "redirect" that child to another play area or another toy. So, really, there are no consequences for the child to learn that his behavior is unacceptable.

His behavior with him mom is so-so, according to her. I think she mainly deals with the two of them being jealous for her attention and their sibling rivalry which is normal.

While he was here playing, we spent time talking about little stuff he would bring up. He has quite a silly side to his personality, very cute. He ate well and took a nice nap. Overall, he did quite well.


MBNAD woman said...

Hi. I've just found your blog (from FF&50). Love your writing. I'll be back ;-)

Mad x

Polly said...

Im so glad that it all went well Pres. Must be a relief and it sounds like this little guy will really do well being in a smaller more intimate setting.

By the way, pop yourself over to my blog when you can - I left an award there for you.


just found your blog too - someone said you were the COMMENT QUEEN, so i had to come check you out

just curious - what do you mean by the 'new kids' are you involved in fostering?

you have a very sweet blog!

Linda and her Twaddle said...

I think being a child is such hard work. They have to much learning to do and it must be overwhelming for them at times. Glad he is doing well.