Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Reminder

As I sit here, with the late nighters watching a movie, I am reading some blogs. I came across topiarycow. blog regarding the bug in her tea, it reminded me of, not only the taranchula we found in our backyard, but also the scorpion in my bedroom.

Back when we first moved here, approximately two weeks after moving in, I saw him. My bedroom and bathroom are a rather large suit. Being that I do not like the dark (never have), I had a night light in the bathroom. The light was bright enough to shine dimly into the bedroom.

About 3:00 am, I had to go potty. As I walk across my bedroom towards the bathroom, I catch a very faint shadow of movement across the floor. At this time of the morning, you would think I wasn't quite coherent. My mind clicked real fast when I turned to see what it was. Yes, I was initially in shock until I turned on the light. Sure 'nough it was a scorpion! My bedroom is upstairs! I could not and still cannont comprehend how he got all the way upstairs! I quickly grabbed the cub from the medicine cabinet and a piece of paper. I put the cup over him, then slid the paper under the cup to get him into the cup. I took him and flushed him down the toilet. Needless to say, my sleep was not peaceful!

A few months later, we had one with the light cover in the kitchen. The light is a fluorescent light and quite long. The cover is like a large bun that covers the lights themselves and is very bright. We were in the kitchen and we here this subtle scratching sound. We look up and there was another one! I left this one in the light fixture for several days until I was able to get a friend of mine to get him down. I certainly wasn't going to do it!

It totally creeped me out. I thought they were pretty poisonous until I called and asked an exterminator. Their sting is supposed to be pretty intense and lasts somewhere in the range of 8 hours. However, they are supposedly harmless.

These scorpions were almost clear, kind of beige in color and their tails were definitely curled upward as if ready to attack. If I had not gotten up to go potty, where might I have found him...or he hav found me?!


Linda and her Twaddle said...

No thanks. You are so brave. I suppose you have to be brave when there is nobody else to do the deed.

presious said...

Absolutely. It's one to those situations where it's either it or me! LOL! Definitely not me!...and he was very much alive and well! He had to go!