Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good News! Good News!

I finally heard from my boy! He called me last night. He was so happy to talk. He said prison has been very difficult but he thinks he has the hang of it. He said the criminals are extremely, extremely hard core. He has a nice roommate and they keep to themselves. He said sometimes when riots breakout, you have to defend yourself and that the other day, several inmakes dies in a riot.

Unfortunately, he is very upset and hasn't spoken to his family since 2007. This really saddened me. He is upset with him mom because, in 2007, they had a DNA test done on his son (who is not 3 years old). My boy's mom has been raising the grandson. Turns out, it's not his son. His mother did not tell him for over a year. I tried to get him to understand that she was attached to him. At that point, for her, it did not matter whether her grandson was biologically hers. She was emotionally invested. He was being stubborn and his phone time has ran out.

Also very disturbing, while he was actually located in his home town, none of his siblings came to visit him. That's really sad. I can hear in his voice he was really hurt by that, understandably so. So, he has alienated himself from his siblings as well. His mother eventually moved to Texas. She doesn't call or write. Not cool.

I did ask him, if he were to get our of prison tomorrow, would he change his lifestyle? He very quickly said, "Yes, I would. Absolutely." He said he would have to relocate to another area in the city, but he would be willing to do whatever it took to make the change. He said, it would be hard because of the temptation, but it wasn't worth being locked up. He has 5 more years to go. He has a long time to think it over!

Anyway, I am thrilled to have talked to him. I'm thinking about going to visit him. I need to find more info about it. I really need to think about it. Don't know what's that like. I would imagine the officers would keep me safe. Need to find out more info.


Betty said...

Presious, I'm so glad to hear that.
Have a great wee-end!!
hugs hugs

presious said...

Thanks Betty! :)You too!

Polly said...

I think he would benefit greatly from a visit from you Pres.

presious said...

Thanks Polly :). I think so too, especially considering he has been abandoned by his family. He sounds really good over the phone, considering where he is and all. I think he is just simply happy that someone cares about him.

I plan to talk more indepth next time he calls. I think it is good to talk things out, especially when you have no control of circumstances even is it is temporary...or loooong term.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

How sad for him. I hope that when he gets out he can work on making small changes in his life.

That is very, very sad about his son not being his own. He must be feeling very alone right now.

At least with your contact he feels that someone cares.

presious said...


He does feel very abandoned my his family. He is extremely angry that is mom did not tell him that the baby isn't his. That is why he stopped talking to his mother. He feels so betrayed by her. His siblings are only focused on themselves and will not take the time to visit with him. When he was in juvenile hall, before going on to prison, the family was right there in the neighborhood, blocks away and they still did not come see him.

Yes, a very, very sad situation. I just want to be there for him to have someone to talk to and someone to care. He's really just a boy, a very hurt boy. He does understand his actions and the consequences he has. What he doesn't understand is why his family has abandoned him.