Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I think I have had more support and more friends on the blogsphere than in my own neighborhood. You all have been really great and so very interesting.

I did try to put my grandson in his own bed. He woke 4 times and I felt horrible for him. The final time, I put him in my bed. By then he seemed almost traumatized. He keep putting his head up to look at me in the shadows of the night. Then he would feel my face with his hand, a couple of times, as if to make sure it was Nana laying there beside him. After expressing his dissatisfaction by crying and babbling, he finally fell into a sound, peaceful sleep.

Not sure if I should try it again. I'm thinking maybe put him in that particular bed on the weekdends to allow him to gradually get use to being in it....thanks Polly :). Babies can be sensitive to scents and sounds in their surroundings. Change in smaller steps would be better for him.


blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm sorry it's so difficult!

presious said...

Well, it "was" difficult. Lately, I have found peace and life has really been a lot better. As I read other entries and other experiences, I reflect on my own past.

I'm glad I can say, I feel that I have grown up :). I feel more mature about life. I do look forward to continued growth.

Thanks Blueviolet

Polly said...

Pres - you could also try putting in the cot with him an unwashed shirt of yours - that way he will have your scent and perhaps be comforted by it. This also used to work with Ollie - I slept with a small teddy for a week and then put it in his cot so that he could smell me.