Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Shout Out

I want to send a big, big shout out to my friend Polly! She is such a warm, caring and tender hearted friend whom I met through the world of blogging. She has sent me an award that I am in so much appreciation of. She has termed me the "Comment Queen"...I happily accept...:)

Unfortunately, I feel like a silly because I have no idea how to transfer it to my blog!! I have tried and tried. Please! If anyone can help, I am all ears!

Ooooh! Look! My son just showed me how! Yes, it was quite simple!

Thank you soooo much Polly! In my appreciation, here's a teddy bear hug for you!

Now, as Polly has demonstrated, we are to extend our award onto a fellow friend. I have chosen that friend to be Linda and Her Twaddle I love how she expresses her normal, everyday thoughts. She's so realistic while being so tactful with the truth. Good going Linda :)!


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Oh thank you Presious. Now I shall endeavour to pass it on this week.

presious said...


You are so cool in your expressions. It's everyday life and you talk about it very creatively. Not sure if that's your intention, but it comes across very well.

I appreciate it anyway :).

Polly said...

Well it was definitely deserved by your Pres. Your comments are always wonderful. Glad you worked out how to put it on your blog to!

Betty said...

Thankks for following:)
I'm following too:)
Have a happy day!