Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Enrollments

My new little girls are just adorable :). Unfortunately, they have had some significant hardships in their little lives, but their grandmother is doing very, very well in raising them.

Yes, they arrived at about 5:30am. It did get up very well. I took my bath and all the night before and did get some rest. I paid off to prepare myself. It was a busy morning with a new routine, but it worked smoothly :). Rather than taking the girls to the bus stop, I took them directly to school. I think I like taking them to school better. That way, I know they made it safely rather than leaving them outside, alone, with a group of children waiting for a bus. I didn't like doing that with my own son when he took the bus, so I took him at the very last minute. Unfortunately, I don't have that flexibility with the arrival of other kids, at differing times in the morning.

I did speak to the parents of the other 5 year old boy last night. They do still want to bring him. Mom is waiting for the start date of her new job :). That was exciting to hear.

In speaking with one of my other kids' mom, they are looking to put him in preschool, which is a good thing. When they first brought him to me, I meantioned to dad that he really would be better in preschool. He was ready then and he is definitely ready now. So, I might be loosing him in the next few months. Bitter sweet. I really enjoy him. He is such a sweet boy too! But it is for the better in his regard.

Happy thoughts and prayers!

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