Monday, January 18, 2010

The Winds!

I know I said I love the rain, but ghee whiz! It has been really raining today with very, very high, strong winds! The wind literally blew the patio table and chairs over and blew one of the kids' basketball boards across the patio! The tree in the front yard was blown over. It is now laying on it's side! It looks kind of creepy lol!

Well, good news for the day care :). I just had a new 4 year old start last week, a beautiful, well behaved little boy. Today, I had a grandmother sign up her two granddaughters, school aged. I would receive them at 5:30am and drop them off at the bus stop at bout 6:30am. It will be good money, but that getting up so early will definitely be an adjustment! :)

My plan is to be very discipline and go to bed as early as possible! We can do this! LOL!

Postive thoughts!!

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