Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Night's Scare

Last night, I was laying in bed, trying to relax before going to sleep. Lately, my feet have been randomly cramping pretty often. It happens to me from time to time. I needed to get up, I forget what for. As I sat up, my back went into a spasm. Two days ago, I went to pick up the baby and I felt it go right then and there. So, I was aware of it. Usually, I wait for the spasm to stop which is what I did this time.

As the spasm subsided, my thigh began to cramp! At first, I stopped moving thinking it would subside as my feet do. Well, that so wasn't the case at all! The cramp go really, really bad! I couldn't put my leg down. I couldn't straighten it out. I ended up in the very edge of the bed and I couldn't even scoot myself back onto the bed! It went from my inner thigh down to my knee. Every time I tried to move, it shifted. At one point, it tried to go down to the back of my lower leg, then through to my toes. I quickly shifted my body very slightly to stop that direction. However, my thigh was really, really bad.

I began having difficulty breathing. I'm not sure if it was due to a side effect of the cramp being that it was so very severe or if I was panicking. I remember my aunt once told me that when your foot cramps, to get to a cold floor and it would relieve the cramp. So, virtually in tears, in the mist of my panic, I called my 15 year old son and had him to get a bag of ice from downstairs. It seemed like forever! I still couldn't completely sit or stand. Just couldn't move and the pain was horrendous!

He finally made it upstairs and I put the bag of ice on my thigh. It took a few minutes...again seemed like forever, but the pain slowly began to subside. It took even longer for my breathing to settle down. While holding the ice on my thigh, my oldest son called. He mentioned some possible causes such as not enough dark green veggies, high choloresterol, etc.

I know I need to have a physical, but it is difficult to do without medical insurance. Yes, it is quite scary not having insurance. I was born and raised on Kaiser Permanente. I lost my insruance when I lost my job. In fact, I just called them last friday because I received a notice in the mail from them. I called to see if they had adjusted their rates, which they had. They increased them by almost $75 more per month.

Yes, I am quite concerned. I thought the cramps were due to the back spasms because I feel them in my hips as well. I don't want to panic. My resources are quite limited at this point. I can get a blood test at $138. They can tell a lot of things from our blood. Perhaps I will look into that.

Postive thoughts and prayers!


Momma Fargo said...

Get to the doc, lady! Drink lots of water and eat good until then! And rest...

presious said...

Momma Fargo,

I hear your loud and clear. Working on it! Lol!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, dear!!!! That kind of cramping is just awful...Definitely take care of yourself...When you lost your job did you get Cobra? You get two years worth of medical insurance by law...perhaps you are beyond that...I will pray, pray, pray...And many doctors know that if you are paying out of pocket will adjust their doesn't hurt to ask...Oh, I do so wish I could do more than will be much in my thoughts...let us know here how you are doing...Love, Janine XO

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Health insurance in the US is very strange and not friendly at all. We have govt funding for everyone.

I take magnesium for my leg cramps and restless legs - both were issues at night. It does help. And is quite cheap to buy.

presious said...

Sniffles & Linda,

I did try Cobra but it was just too expensive for me. I had Kaiser while I was employed. Apparently, your prayers have been answered!!

Yes, medical in the U.S. is expensive and unforgiving. THe President is discuing govt coverage as we speak. Because I don't have coverage, I returned to the supplement store where I was taught that magnesium is good for cramps. Yes, it has worked wonders. I did have some irritable legs at night as well. I just wish I knew what caused irritable legs.

I am doing soooo much better! I have more energy too. THank you all for your support and advice.