Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looks like things are looking up a little bit more. My daughter seems to have been accepted onto one of the subsidized programs that will pay for her childcare. That means, I will begin to get paid for my grandbaby being in the day care :-D.

I would never charge her from her own pocket because I promised her that, if she handled her responsibilities i.e. school, work and taking care of her son (which I knew she would do, just her nature), I would keep my grandbaby. She has always been a very hard worker with extremely high standards for herself. Despite all that she has been through, even in high school, she has always been very outgoing and a high achiever. Both high school and college, she was pretty much, almost, a straight "A" student.

I am beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed with my internship. Last saturday was a very long day. I started at 9am and ended at 5:30pm. My supervisor called me on monday to let me know, with significant excitement (lol), that my schedule was "booked" all day. I could hear the smile in her voice, see her face aglow with excitement.

I am excited, but I still feel a little vulnerable regarding treatment plans, techniques and theories. It's been a long time...3 years. I did feel pretty good last week in retrospect. I felt focused and in a good direction, however, when I got home to review old notes, textbooks and study references, I became overwhelmed! I didn't know where to start! Her husband will sit with me and provide me with some direction regarding my studies. I want to start now, so I can arrange for the exam as soon as possible. I really don't want to wait until the last minute to begin studying. Besides, studying will help greatly in working with the clients and vice versa.

A dear college friend of mine called me other other day. We went to San Diego State together back in the early 80's. We had soooo much fun! Well, her youngest boy is graduating from high school and she wants to have a sort of reunion party for him. All of us friends had kids about the same ages. So, this will be very fun to get the kids together after all these years. They last time they saw each other was while they were in elementary school.

Though I am very excited about this reunion, I am concerned that it starts at 5pm on saturday in San Diego, an hours drive away. This would mean I would finish my day at the counseling agency at 5pm or 5:30pm, come home, change clothes, eat dinner, gather my boys then make that long drive. Getting there is not so much of a concern. It is the getting "back" that is of concern. After hanging out for a few hours to catch up on each others lives and see the kids all grown up, the drive back will, more than likely, be very late. I don't like driving at night. I don't see very well. I'm also concerned with feeling exhausted the next day with the fibro.

My supervisor wants me to consider gaining hours on sunday as well. I find that kind of awkward. Most agencies aren't open on sundays. Most people don't make appts on sundays. I personally like sundays for spiritual worship, which would not be an issue. She said, if I didn't mind, she could probably arrange appts after I return from services. Though rather awkward, I could gain my 1500 hours a little faster if this worked for a few clients....hmmmm.

A lot of exciting things going on right now. I'm staying focused and taking care of myself. I'm actually eating better, more regularly and better foods i.e. salads, veggies and fruits. Struggling a bit with exercising, but working on getting back to a good schedule. Getting rest at night as well.

Positive thoughts and prayers!....:-D


Polly said...

Pres - so many exciting things going on for you right now. Fabulous. In all this excitment don't forget to look after yourself ok.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

This phase will not be forever. And the benefits will be worth the effort. However, I can really understand your feeling overwhelmed by it all at the start. Long hours and lots of thinking. Just pretend you are 25 and invincible!

Nice that your daughter is working hard to do well. Having a baby young is not easy these days. It is great that you support her as much as you do.

presious said...


Thanks for reminding to do that. That is what caused me to begin blogging!...LOL! I do tend to forget about myself. In fact, lately, that's just what I have been doing, forgetting to do those things that keep me going. Hmmm.... Thank you!


Good idea! I certainly had alot more energy at 25 than I do now. Mentally being tired can be just as bad as being physically tired. Right now, that is truly where I am, mentally tired.

Thank you for saying that bout my daughter. She feels horrible about her mistakes. She's a fighter. I tell her, we all make mistakes, some bigger than others. However, it is what it is. He's my grandson and I love him dearly. I believe he has made a wonderful difference in her life as well. He's been really good for her.

Thank you so much.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wow!! You are certainly juggling a lot!!! But I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!! I will keep you in my prayers for strength and wisdom!!! And DO take care of yourself!! Love you, Janine XO