Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Relief!

I must say, I am so relieved! I took dear Polly's comments and acted on them by having a few words with my son. I told him that I feel better about his moving out to rent a room and to explore adulthood on his own. I explained to him how I've been thinking about it and I have come to understand where he's coming from and what he feels he must do.

I was sincere when I spoke with him. I told all my kids that there comes time when they get that "itch" to be on their own. It's nothing personal towards us as parents....hmmm I have to think about that a little bit. My point is, I do understand that "feeling" of wanting to be on their own. I fully support them. Yes, for mom, it is bitter-sweet. They are our babies. It doesn't matter how grown up they become, they are still our babies. It is just as much of a transition for us as it is for them.

So, with that said, he took me over to his place ("room") where I met the owners of the house (their daughter is renting a room as well, with one other house mate). It is very clean and I like the neighborhood. I helped him move and bought his first set of groceries. The transition was easier than I thought. He knows he is welcome to return home should anything go wrong...this is not a "permanent"!


Polly said...

Good for you Pres, I must say my boys are only so little and I still dread the day they leave. Im sure he will visit you lots for some mummy love and home cooking!!

Momma Fargo said...

Great job, presious! Glad it worked out for you. Leaving the nest has got to be hard on mama.Very aprehensive when my Bug leaves me.