Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Been Quite A While

A lot has happened since my last post. It's been a busy few months. A few rough spots and some not so rough spots.
I'm still working my internship on saturdays. I arranged both the day care and the internship to allow me to take a break by splitting up a five day week throughout the year. I've taken 5 holiday weekends (which were previously arranged as 3-day weekends) and made them into 4-day weekends. So that is a really good thing. In fact, if the budget works out, we are planning to drive the motorhome to San Francisco to visit family that I haven't seen in about 6 years!
Yes, the motorhome is finally up and running nice and strong! Yaaay! We took it to my son's football team's beach party a few weeks ago. The party was on saturday and we went up there on friday night to spend the night. We stayed till sunday. It was really, really fun!
As for the internship, I "think" I have all of my 3000 hours. I'm hesitant to tally them, lol, because that would mean it's time to study for the exam! lol! I will have to take 2, 4 hour exams. That's a lot of material to cover.
My daughter completed her credential programs. There are not jobs available for her as a teacher so she is opening her own day care! This is very exciting! She has been certified and is licensed. She cleaned up the front of her house and has received many compliments from the City. We passed out flyers at the nearby elementary school. The first day of passing out the flyers, she got an interested mother of 4 kids! lol! She put in her 2 week notice to her job last night. This means, in 2 weeks, I will finally have my evenings and weekends free! Yaaay! I love my grandson dearly, but Nana needs her evenings and weekends to recuperate lol! Yes, I'm still looking after my grandson in the evenings while she has been going to work.
So, I think I will wait till my daughter opens her day care and my grandson will be with her. This will free up my time for studying for the exam...after I enjoy some quiet evening and weekend time lol!
My youngest son is now a senior at school. So, I am anticipating all the expensive activities for him lol! He's had some rough spots last year too. The school counselor convienced him to take advance courses, while he was in football. It was too much for him. His grades were 4 D's. We managed to get 3 of them back up but that last class he will have to take over at some time in the process. This year they tried it again. I already sent the Principal an email. If I don't hear from him in a few days, I will call fact, I will attempt to get a hold of him today.
I finally had the day care van painted. It looks sooooo much better! I've actually received a few phone calls from it. This picture doesn't show the advertisements on the windows, but she has new tires too. She finally runs great!
Well, that's pretty much an update...the short version of how things have been. I do apologize for being absent from everyone.
Positive thoughts!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hi, Thank you for stopping over at my blog. Nice to meet you. Sounds like your keeping busy. Good luck with your exams.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, you have been busy Presious. 3000 hours is a lot of hard work and impressive considering all the other stuff you have going on.

I hope you get to enjoy that trip to see family in SF. I get to take an annual trip to my father's house in South Texas and I look forward to it lots.