Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being Consistent

Today, I have a mild concern of not being consistent. I say "mild" because I do understand why I am having difficulty with it and I do know the causes, some of which I do not have control of.

I am referring to being able to create a "regular" schedule with the kids in the daycare. Back in San Diego, things were very different from my physcial location (across the street from a school), resources that were available to providers (headstart, gain, YMCA and the resource listing) and a better economy. My prices were known to be one of the lowest in the city and I was known to get the children prepared for kindergarden. I had a reputation for good discipline for the children as well. In fact, the worst behaved children were often referred to me, LOL!

Today, circumstances are so very different i.e. my city itself (fairly country in the middle of nowhere causing parents to have to commute to major cities), the lack of available subsidized programs and, most of all, the condition of the economy. As we know, cost is always a factor and there are many influences to determining what parents can afford without going so low as to being unable to pay my own bills. I do still keep my charges low.

The economy is hurting us all very badly. Adults are loosing jobs quickly and in mass amounts. People who have worked at major corporations for years and years have lost their jobs and are forced to work at fast food places at 1/4 the pay! The competition is huge! In working at fast foods, grocery stores, etc., they are also forced to work varying hours. My point is such that the state of the economy, parents are having tough times, with crazy hours, doing the best they can to hold on to minimum paying jobs.

I don't want to sound selfish, but I said all that to say, the kids all get here at varying hours, that change from week to week, sometimes even daily. To prepare a cirriculum is fairly difficult because often I don't know who I will have for the day. In addition to that, having my grandson makes for difficulty scheduling as well, babies will be babies.

Every now and again, we have exceptionally exciting days that flow wonderfully. For me, "every not and then" is not enough. Often I feel discouraged and bored. I can only wonder what the children might be feeling.

They do enjoy playing together and are learning may social and interactive skills. They get a lot of physical activity. A few days ago, my friend and neighbor came over and we decided on a whim to rearrange the entire backyard. It turned out very, very nice! The kids absolutely love it and it allows for them to get more large muscle use.


Polly said...

Pres - perhaps you could put a timetable together for your own sanity - and as the children arrive they then fit into your schedule rather than you fitting into theirs - maybe you could give a copy to the parents so that they understand why you might do things the way you do?

presious said...


At one time I was much better organzied. I've never experienced such random arrival & departure schedules before.

Things are settling down a bit now. I have a new 3 year old boy starting on monday. Mom doesn't drive so I will be picking him up 3days per week. She works at night, but wants him to have socialization.

With the new boy, that will give me 3 kids that come consistantly in the mornings so that will be good. The other two, will have to kind of get it when they can.

Everyone is usually here by 8:30. We can start lesson at 9:00, be done by 10:00, play outside til1 10:45, have lunch at 11:00, down for nap by 12 noon.

I think what was happening before was I had a young sibling set that was very, very random on a daily basis and had very little control over their children. When they arrived, they came in in a very chaotic state. I would have to abandone lesson in order to calm them down and redirect them. I think a lot was going on at home and the kids were just anxious much of the time.

I also had another child whose parents were going through quite a nasty divorce. It was very difficult on him and he would act out major, major, major. I ended up developing behavior mod plans for him and his mother. He successfully went on to preschool and is doing well from what I understand.

Those issues no longer exist. So, I'm hoping I can focus a bit better now. All that, needless to say, was quite exhausting.

Thank you for reminding me about a schedule. This is how I did it before and it flowed like clock work.

Thanks again! :)