Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Worried

I admit, I am quite concerned about my budget. I am getting phone calls for the openings that I do have in the daycare, however, for whatever reason, it has not worked out. Many of the parents are calling from far away that do not travel this way for work. Others have very hectic work hours and are unable to pay an hourly rate of $9.00/hr. Others are part time and do not realize the cost of childcare until they contact the provider.

I did go out yesterday to one of the subsidized offices and passed out flyers. I had a chance to make direct contact wtih some of the parents. They were very kind and receptive, but that doesn't necessarily mean they need childcare.

On a good note, I did get my car back after 1 year and 7 months! It only cost $350 which included both parts and labor! This was paid for prior to my budget crunch. I had two mechanics tell me I needed a new engine at $2800, another tell me it was the computer chip at $1800 and two others tell me it was fuel related. All these were absolutely incorrect! I am so glad I trusted my gut. I have always taken good care of my vehicles with regular upkeep. I felt all of these were extreme. So, I waited. Now, I am waiting for the budget to get better so I can get the car registered, smogged and insured.


Polly said...

So pleased you knew what the problem was saved you alot of $$$

I am sure that things will be ok - you will have some wonderful kids come your way when you least expect it

Elise said...

Mechanics always try to con people! I'm glad you saved your money, I've been conned out of mine so many times before xx