Monday, April 20, 2009

Movie Question

I just finished watching "Kiss the Girls" with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. Fascinating suspense movie. Love me some Morgan Freeman :)!

Anyway..... :), as a detective, of course, he made mention that the guy who was "collecting" the girls had killed two of them because they were "defiant" and the others he spared their lives because they were submissive. This man was attracted to intelligent, professional, beautiful women, but it was their submissiveness that he really liked because it allowed him to have that control, which Ashley Judd lacked as a doctor/martial artist.

My question is, if you found yourself in such a situation (I will not spell it out because it is not that serious), would you be fisty/deviant or would you be submissive/obedient? I found myself asking this question to me. I think I would be so scared, I wouldn't be able to think straight. I have no idea how to fight. If someone hit me, I'd probably drop to the floor!...unless it involved my children!!! So I'd probably be the submissive/obedient one.

Hmmm.... interesting.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I am with you on that. I would choose submissive to avoid inflaming the situation. Save up the assertiveness for when it is really needed.

presious said...

I'm not so sure though Linda. If she hadn't been assertive, she would have never escaped. She would not have been able to lead the detectives to the killer. However, she was pretty good at kick boxing! She had a great advantage and was pretty confident that she could be effective in her assertiveness.

Thanks for commenting...:)