Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the Great Advantages of the Wind

I have always loved hanging clothes on the line. Back when my kids were very, very young and through elementary school, I hung ALL the clothes on the line. All four of my kids wore cloth diapers. Now my grandson is wearing them. Both my kids and my grandson are quite sensitive to disposable diapers.
Love the way they smell once they are dry!


Anonymous said...

It's a great way to save money but I think I'm the only one who HATES the way they smell from drying outside.

presious said...

Really?! Wow! That's ok. Maybe its the detergent. Back in the day, I used All. Today, to wash the baby's diapers, we use All for babies :).

We still love ya'!

Polly said...

Its the simple things right!

presious said...

Yes Ma'am Ms. Polly :)