Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday's Wind Storm

I wanted to blog this event yesterday, but I didn't have the brain The weather has changed from nice, comfortable, warm sunshine to strong, fast winds and dark skies. Upon picking up her child, one of my parents told me there was a sand storm coming in from another county.

Our city is spread out and surrounded by mountains, so we wouldn't necessarily get a sand storm per se. We have a lot of very large open areas. Sometimes we do see small sand
tornados where the wind will literally take the dirt up into a small tornado, about maybe 10 stories high....nothing major.

Yesterday the winds were so strong and moving so fast, I decided to take the cover off our brand new gazebo. It seemed to be under significant distress.

Today, the sun is back and the skies are beautifully clear, but the wind is still blowing. It's not as strong, but it is definitely noticeable!

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