Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interesting Comments

Thank you ladies for your comments to yesterday's blog. I really am ok. I look back and realize how far I've come. I just ponder a lot. I am a thinker and I love to hear the comments of other people. We are all so different yet, very much the same. We can teach each other alot from out own experiences. We know where we've come from, but often times, we don't know what's up ahead. We may find ourselves in the same or similar situations. Besides, if we don't share our thoughts or experiences, we become isolated possibly depressed which makes for more isolation.

Even now, though I am quite happy with my life (now that so much of it has settled down), I spend most of my time with children or alone. Reaching out to the blog, has helped me tremendously. For that I am grateful.


Suburbia said...

I'm glad you have come a long way and survived :)

presious said...


There's alot to learn from these old lessons in life. For one, we will always be stronger when it's over. Hopefully, we will know ourselves just a wee bit better, allow us to make better, more wise decisions in our future.

You will be fine. You will be a little discomforted for a while, but it really does get better. Don't be so hard on yourself. There is no right or wrong way to experience what you are going through. So what works for you, especially to comfort yourself.

I'm big on hot baths or showers, a hot cup of tea and a good movie. Maybe a walk in the park or down the street. Take lots of big deep breaths to relax yourself. Talk to someone frequently, it helps with the healing process.

You will be fine in due time. :)

Polly said...

And we are greatful too for your thoughts pres.

presious said...

Polly, I so appreciate you my dear! :) You make life seem so simple. You're so calm and you just go with the flow. I really like that!...:) Thanks