Monday, June 22, 2009

Interesting News

I received an email from "Scam Warners" letting me know that the parents who were supposedly coming from out of the country are scam artists!! WOW! Apparently, they are located somewhere in Nigeria and look for businesses on the internet to take their money.

Their plan was to gain my confidence in them, write me a "fake" check, I was supposed to deposit this check and I'd end up paying the bank for depositing a bad check. In addition, they would plan to send additional money and ask the person they are scamming to send the extra back to them. In other words, the money that is sent back is money they get from the business they are scamming. In the meantime, the person cashing the check can be arrested for cashing a bad check!!

When this couple wanted to send me one month's pay for child care, I felt a little uncomfortable with it. My thoughts were, what if they get all the way here and decide they don't want to bring their child for whatever reason? Why send the money ahead of time? Besides, the opening will be here when they get here. So, I emailed them back and told them not to send the money. I asked them to wait until they were face to face with me. They sent me another email, but I did not respond since I got the warning.

Scam Warners explained that I was safe because these people are located in Nigeria. Also, a friend of mine informed me that I can tell them that the bank places a hold on all personal checks, cashiers checks and money orders due to high numbers of fraud cases.

WOW! That was crazy! Of course, I sent Scam Warners a 'thank you' email. Boy, did I learn something from this experience!

I haven't heard back from the other family. I am assuming they found care somewhere else. I'm ok with that.


Polly said...

Oh wow Pres - who would have thought, well I am glad you found out before they could scam you. What nasty people

presious said...

Yes, I absolutely agree, Polly. How could someone take advantage of someone so easily. I am quite thankful for Scam Warners. How many people might get scammed out of their money had it not been for Scam Warners?!

Pretty cool huh?